About us

“Tell me more!” the crowd goes WILD. Well..where to begin?

The downside of acrylics and gel mani’s in a salon, is not only the time and money wasted for them to look perfect for mayyyyybe a week - but the shock, horror and dismay when they are removed! Don’t get caught with unsightly, untidy nails (or, *clutches pearls*, a few tips MISSING!?), by having Nailicious Co. waiting patiently in the wings.

But what are they? People! They are the future of fabulous fresh nails, 24/7. They are made from the same gel materials as a salon - but SEMI cured.

What does this semi-cured mean? They are just over half ‘set’ (like you set them in the little blue light machine after they’re painted), allowing for stretch and flex during placement and taking the hassle out of shaping.

How do they work? They are simply peeled off the backing, applied to clean, dry nails and shaped to your existing nail. Once you have ‘nailed’ the placement (oh come on, I had to. I’m punny like that...), simply pop under ANY UV light for 60 seconds to fully cure the nail, and gently remove the excess. It’s that simple! Nail 1? Done ✓

What do I get? Only the future of nails, at your fingertips. Ooft...I did it again. #sorrynotsorry In each pack, you get: 20 semi-cured nail stickers of your colour or pattern choice, from a very extensive range (click here to see the range). The 20 stickers are 10 different sizes, to ensure the best match for your nails. Save the excess nails to use as feature nails, mixed in with different colours.

Do I need to purchase a UV lamp and the nail sticker sheets separately? For all my first-time newbies, I have put together a Starter Set just for you, containing everything you need to prep, place, set and admire your nails from start to finish.

Do I have to purchase the UV lamp if I already have one? Nope! Given that they are salon-quality products, any UV lamp fit for mani/pedi purpose is perfect to use with your Nailicious nails. Simply choose from the 26 designs, and checkout.

Can I select a few sets at a time? So I can do feature nails, and mix it up! You sure can! Choose your Starter Set (if you don’t have your own UV lamp) shade and simply add further sheets to your cart. If you already have a UV lamp, just add the sticker sheets you choose (20 nails/sheet), and checkout.