How long do the semi-cured gel nail stickers last once applied to your nails?

The Nailicious Co. gel sticker sheets are set to last between 10-20 days depending on how well they are applied, the nature of your lifestyle (excess swimming etc will affect the duration), and the correct preparation of your nails and nail beds.

My order has shipped, but I haven’t received it yet.

Please keep in mind that due to the pandemic, shipping times may vary. If you haven’t received your package OR any email notification that it is being sent within 72 hours of order confirmation, please send an email to: the.nailicious.co@gmail.com

My order is incorrect. I haven’t received the right product.

Whoopsie! Please know every effort is made to ensure our orders are correctly dispatched. Sometimes, we make a boo-boo. Please let us know ASAP and provide photographic evidence of what you received and include your order number and name as the subject line in your email to: the.nailicious.co@gmail.com

I got my order, but something is missing.

As above - please send a photo and email with your order number as the subject line and we will be in touch to rectify the issue!

My gel nails are lifting at the base. Am I doing something wrong?

It is essential your nails are completely dry when applying the gel sticker. Use the alcohol swab to dissolve any oily residue (from skin itself and/or cuticle oil or hand cream used), ensure you adhere the base of the sticker to the nail bed ONLY, avoiding the skin completely. Adhering the nail to the skin will lead to lifting and hair catching under the sticker.

My gel nails don’t seem very secure.

In the salon, each client is checked to see their nail quality and smoothness. For recently buffed/naturally smooth nails, sometimes a little texture and roughness is needed to allow the gel nail sticker to grip the nail. Take your nail file and gently file over the nail surface to create a rough surface for a more secure nail adhesion.

I own a different LED UV Nail Lamp, can I use it?

Absolutely! Part of our mission is to create an easy and affordable salon-quality gel nail experience. If you have a UV nail lamp at home, you’re one step closer to fresh and funky nails.

I need to remove my nails. How do I do this?

Simply dip a cotton ball in nail polish remover, and run around the edges of the gel. Use your manicure stick to gently lift the edge of the gel sticker from the bottom of the nail. Make sure you use a nourishing oil after removing the gel nail, to keep nails and nail beds healthy. If you wish to put a new set on, we recommend washing your hands and drying thoroughly before your next mani!

Can I go swimming the day I apply them?

It’s best to avoid submerging your nails for long periods of time. This will affect the longevity of your mani, so keep that in mind when submerging in water. Avoid washing dishes for the first few days also.

I don’t think I ordered the right colour. Can I swap them?

ABSOLUTELY! Provided they are in their original condition, haven’t been removed from their sheets and are intact and pristine, we will exchange your gel nail stickers for you. Please send us an email, and see our returns policy here.

Can I file my nails once they are cured?

YES! Once your nails are fully cured, use a downward motion to file off any excess and adjust the shape of your nails. It is best to shape beforehand, but provided you are gently filing and in the right direction, your manicure will stay intact.

Any further questions? Simply email: the.nailicious.co@gmail.com or send us a DM on instagram to @nailicious.co